After a few months of silence on joyonthejourney.blogspot.com, our family will be starting 2013 with a new blog address. I’ve been wanting to try WordPress for some time now, so when Blogger informed me I’d run out of space to post photos without paying a small monthly fee, it seemed like the ideal time to make the switch.

None-the-less, it’s been a little sad to say goodbye to the old blog. I chose that address when I thought I’d be spending the next several years of my life as a single, college student/teacher. Everything in my life seemed to be in flux and I didn’t really know what God had for me. I ended up erasing the few (not very interesting) posts I wrote during that time and restarted it as a family newsletter when I moved to Pennsylvania as a married graduate. Just logging on to write was always such a reminder to me of God’s plans for my life being better than my own.

When I switched to WordPress, not only was “joyonthejourney” already taken, but “joyonourjourney” seemed to better reflect the intention of this space- a place to share our family’s ups and downs, especially with those we no longer live near. I always feel a bit strange writing about my own writing, so I don’t often write directly to the reader. However, right now seems like the perfect moment to say, thank you for reading. Thank you for caring about our little family. It always means a lot to me when people mention they enjoy keeping up with us via the blog. It does take several hours of my time each month. Although David and I both feel very confident it is time well spent and a good investment in our long-distance relationships with family and friends, it is still great to hear.

So here we are, new year and new blog. Aside from learning a new “back end” system and layout, the holidays have been busy so writing has been slow. I have, of course, been keeping notes of Caleb’s adventures from each month, so I’ll be posting a few catch up blogs over the coming weeks. Happy 2013!

My favorite family photo from 2012

My favorite family photo from 2012