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Every month it gets harder and harder to quantify the changes in Caleb for a blog post. The milestones aren’t as dramatic as learning to walk or saying his first words, but they are there none-the-less. Staring me in the face- reminders of how quickly this is all going. I don’t begrudge his growing up and I still love each stage more than the last…I just sometimes wish each one lasted just a little longer. His first jumbled attempts at singing the alphabet song all too quickly turn into a near-perfect recitation. His fear of climbing the tall tower in the play place melts away and he’s high above my head- giddy at his own courage. How could I not be proud? Yet there is still something bittersweet in watching my baby grow up.

On Valentine’s Day, I had the joy of making my grandmother’s sugar cookie recipe with Caleb. He helped pour the dry ingredients, stir, cut out the cookies and sprinkle them. Oh, and eat them. Of course.

IMG_3731 IMG_3733 IMG_3746

We also made Valentines for grandparents and family together.

At first, he lovingly placed each piece of paper...

At first, he lovingly placed each piece of paper…


Then it became dump-and-smoosh.

This month he finally really got into playing with the train set we got him for Christmas. He loves helping build the track and Daddy has made some really cool ones for him.


Daddy built this one.

Caleb started this one and I helped turn it into a loop.

Caleb started this one and I helped turn it into a loop.


Another Daddy creation.

He also loves to play hide and seek and has gotten much better at it. He cracks me up by crawling under the table and saying, “Where’s Caleb?” or singing and then saying, “Mommy hear someone singing. Can’t see him!” (which I am of course supposed to repeat). Baby Caleb has started hiding with him and crawling out grinning and laughing behind his ringleader. They are becoming quite the partners in crime. While this behavior is adorable at home, my Caleb has also taken to hiding in the clothing racks in stores, which has given mommy at least 6 new grey hairs already!

IMG_3840 IMG_3847Caleb has started pointing out all the different characters who sleep in big boy beds (Elmo, Bert, Ernie, Dora…yes we watch TV here!) so we took that as our cue to get a move on his room! We’ve ordered a bunk bed (which will not be bunked for several more years to maybe avoid an ER visit), picked out a paint color, cleaned out our junk, moved furniture to the basement, and built his activity table. The last part was Caleb’s favorite. David let him really help hammer pieces in and turn the screwdriver even though it made the project take twice as long. He is such a wonderful, patient father. For his part, Caleb has talked about how he “help Daddy build Cay-yeb’s little table” over and over again.



Enjoying the fruit of his labor.

Enjoying the fruit of his labor.

Painting however, is very serious business.

Painting however, is very serious business.

We had one day of what I have now deemed “fake potty training” this month. Here is a direct quote from an email I sent David: “So, I think I accidentally starting potty training Caleb today. He was incessantly asking for MnM’s in a whiny voice as I was trying to get baby Caleb fed. Finally, I told him if he went poopy on the potty he could have one. So far he’s peed 3 times and tooted once (he gets high 5’s and praise for all of these). He’s running around in a Tshirt and pullup. I’m still not sure how this happened….” Clearly not my finest mothering moment, but it was a fun morning full of praise and snuggles. He only had one accident the whole time. However, after I put on his diaper for nap he’s never looked back again. I’ve offered and encouraged him to try again many times, but other than his pre-bedtime pee in the potty, which he’s been doing for almost a year now, he still insists he’ll “go peepee in potty in summer”. That works for me!

My cheerful potty-trainer!

My cheerful potty-trainer!

I know I’m still missing several months of updates. My notes are there, waiting to be turned into posts, but it’s so much more exciting and fun to write about what’s happening now. So hopefully, I’ll get back to the drafts and they won’t become the “lost months” but until then, I’m just making sure to move forward : ) I’m excited about welcoming March and warmer weather. I don’t mind winter in Pennsylvania, but I get tired of what I am coming to think of as the “mud season”. Hurry up spring!