I don’t even know where to begin with this month. So. Much. Change. Caleb moved from nursery to big-boy room, made huge potty training progress and visited his preschool for the first time. Every transition has gone more smoothly than I could have predicted.


Helping out in his new room.


Getting adjusted to the new bed.


Finished at last!


Flowers David brought me as a “thank you” for all the potty training work. So sweet!

Not only did this month bring all those major milestones, but we saw a distinct shift in how well he comprehends our conversations (the days of talking freely in front of him are almost over!) and the kinds of inferences he’s able to make, even if we don’t say something directly. For instance we told him something was “just to look at, not touch” He nodded knowingly and said, “It just a decoration”. Um, wow…definitely not a connection he would have made last month.

We’re also getting close to “why” stage. For every new song that comes on we’re asked, “What this song about?” Or I walk into the living-room to find him holding a book saying, “Lets see what happening in dis book.” Oh and of course, his new favorite phrase, “How that happen?”

We’ve had our suspicions, but as of this month, it seems our son has definitely decided on being a lefty. He’ll still try to use his right hand from time to time, but he is definitely more masterful at eating, drawing and “writing” with his left. We’re both righty’s so I must admit, I’m kind of excited he’ll have his pre-k teacher helping him learn to write too!

For fun this month, we played in the snow. You read that correctly. I’m pretty sure we received more snow this month than the rest of winter combined. It drizzled snow almost everyday and we got 3 good coatings on top of that. Despite the temptation to become grumpy northerners as we wait for spring to arrive, we did our best to enjoy it anyway, much to Caleb’s delight.

March Snow #1:


Spring snow is so wet and heavy!


Which makes great snowmen



But isn’t so hot for sledding. This is Caleb attempting to help me up after I twisted my ankle trying to cut a sled path for him. He loves pretending to “rescue” me from various household dangers (like the vacuum…), so I think he enjoyed this real-life opportunity.


Of course, it completely melted my heart.


The next day I was over outdoor snow play, so we brought some indoors.


Our snow is finally gone, but Caleb still asks to do this several times/week.


It was a little messier than I expected, but this smile made it worth it.

March Snow #2


Helping daddy shovel the snow.


Yes, we’re shoveling while it’s still snowing…and it really is just like cleaning with kids in the house ; )


Caleb’s zest for the snow is undiminished by the fact that it is now officially “Spring”.

March Snow #3


This snow was particularly gorgeous.



My joy in it was diminished slightly by the fact that we had a must-keep appointment to refinance our house (at a lower interest rate- yay!) and our driveway looked like this. Apparently spring missed the memo from the groundhog…


Thankfully the roads looked like this, so once the driveway was clear we were good to go.


Caleb, being unconcerned with words like “mortgage” or “Interest” was having a blast being buried by daddy.


Oh, and during all this cold weather, Caleb’s need a haircut…of course. So one “warm” day, when it was 45 and sunny, I took him out on the back porch and gave him the quickest trim of our lives. He looked much more grown up afterwards, although when it dried, my haste did become a bit more evident. He didn’t seem to mind the cold at all and thought playing with his playdough outside was great fun. These are some “after” pictures once we were back in the warm house!


He loves this activity. I love that everything is edible. Thanks Jen for the home-made dough!


So grown up looking…


Here’s a cute one of him reading to his buddies that shows I probably should have taken a little more time. Oh well, hair grows back and it will be warmer next trim!