When it came to deciding where to start for this year’s Project Simplify, there was a pretty clear winner. You see, despite getting our master bedroom cleaned to a state of awesomeness in February (I was so proud, I showed it off to my best friends, so there are witnesses!) things went downhill in March.

As we cleaned and sorted through our guest room, on our journey to turn it into Caleb’s big-boy room, there were many things that found new and better homes around the house. All the things we couldn’t figure out what to do with however, got dumped in our bedroom, to be sorted through “later”.

Since I have a condition called Chronic Mess Blindness, the state of our room wasn’t really bothering me. My dear, orderly husband on the other-hand was beginning to have palpitations every time he walked in our room and saw this:


Right side of the room.





I honestly did not see how bad it was until I took these photos. Mess Blindness. It’s real.

Anyway, David is a wonderful help to me in keeping up with our home, but he’d already cleaned up everything he was able to in our room. Everything left were things I needed to make a decision about. As much as I joke about our odd-couple relationship when it comes to how clean a home should be, I treasure knowing this easy way to touch his heart.

With the goal of bringing David joy on my mind and a Piper sermon to listen to, I rolled up my sleeves and dug in. This week’s challenge was shelves and drawers so I knew my “after” photos wouldn’t show big change since clearly “piles” are my biggest problem (that’s April 23rd, if you’re wondering).


The catch-all drawer needs taming again. No big surprises there.


After. Trash removed, keep-sake cards tucked away, most of my costume jewelry went in the “to-consign” bin as it’s rarely worn and suddenly I can find my hair ties again. Who knew?


I know it isn’t piles week, but I couldn’t resist. Ahhh, much better!


The note card drawer was out of control. I’m not sure how it ended up being part of my dresser either…


Slips and hosiery seemed much more appropriate here.


Cards were organized and moved to a drawer in my craft table.


Functionally, this basket is a drawer. The tin holds spare buttons and shoelaces, which moved to a smaller container in my catch-all drawer. The rest was random papers and some keepsake cards.


I sorted through the keepsake cards and kept only the most meaningful ones.


After tackling those drawers, I had a fleeting thought about working on the shelves in the closet…


But decided this basket held more than enough work for me. This is where I tossed every bit of baby information I was given when I was pregnant with Caleb, plus a few other odds and ends.


Most of it was advertisements and expired coupons that belonged in the recycle bin, but the few keepsakes went into the nursery closet.

The pile of stuff to get rid of:


To me, this is how Project Simplify differs from my other cleaning projects throughout the year. I try to be as ruthless as possible when asking myself if an item really deserves the space it’s taking up in our home. Although hard in the moment, it’s made our home so much easier to maintain each year and there have been very few items I have ever missed again.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take photo of all the paper trash I threw away, but it was impressive. Old church bulletins, coloring sheets, grocery lists, and other random scribbles are definitely my worst enemies when it comes to keeping the clutter down.

Our room “After”:


Left. Hmm, looks like I need to do laundry…


Center. Notice something missing? David finished emptying and moved the big white bin back under Caleb’s bed. I can’t take any credit for that one : )


Right. The dusted, sparkling top of my tall dresser just doesn’t seem as impressive in this photo. Baby steps!

Clearly, I have a long way to go, but I’m looking forward to the next 3 weeks. This is my 3rd year doing project simplify, but the first that I’ve devoted all my efforts to one room. If you’d like to go back and look at previous years, they’re here: Project Simplify 2012 & 2011.