Things were quiet here on the blog this past Tuesday because although I should have been working on this:

IMG_4909 IMG_4910

I was actually working on this:

IMG_5169 IMG_5117 IMG_5002 IMG_5183 IMG_5199 DSC_2529

Clearly, visiting my mom’s cousin and her husband in Michigan is way more fun than cleaning! We spent 3 wonderfully relaxing days at their beautiful house in the woods crafting, visiting, taking walks and eating. Lots of eating!

Anyway, I did manage to clean up some of those piles both before and after the visit. Here are the “after” photos:

IMG_5439 IMG_5440

You might notice one side of the room is conspicuously missing. In the interest of keeping-it-real, here are the before and after pictures of my desk:





Obviously, the piles on and surrounding the craft desk are my final-frontier. Most of them are back issues of magazines I hate to part with, even though the chances of my looking at them ever again are slim! I did however, bring back some pretty strong motivation from Michigan to get them cleaned up:


This is the sewing machine Aunt Lana used for 8 years. It’s made somewhere around 100 purses, a few quilts, and probably a few more things too! On our last night in Michigan, Aunt Lana taught me how to thread it, wind bobbin, the basics of working the machine and sent it home with me. Now it needs a home…and I think I know just the spot- right after I recycle some magazines!