April was a fun and busy month. The weather finally warmed up so we  broke out the finger paint and sidewalk chalk, made smores and, less excitingly, started mowing the lawn again.


Roasting his first marshmallow


First smore!

IMG_4808 IMG_4935 IMG_4964


Homemade paints from a friend.

Homemade paints from a friend.

We were also blessed to both give and receive a visit this month. As I mentioned in a recent post we spent 3 full days in Michigan visiting my mom’s cousin Lana and her husband Ron and our dear friends, Drew and Melissa and their two boys came and stayed with us for the weekend. Caleb and their older son Braydon were BFF’s until they turned 2 and their family moved to another state so I was eager to see how they’d react to one another one year later. It was like no time had passed at all! Still best buds. It melted my heart!


They are both 100% BOY. I wonder which one of them had this idea…

A few more highlights from the month

Caleb attempted to write his first letter! He called me over and said, “Caleb write his name?” I encouraged him to try and he said, “It start with letter ‘C’.” And this is what he wrote! Proud mommy moment!IMG_4900Caleb also attempted to climb his dresser this month. Not such a proud mommy moment. Thankfully he wasn’t hurt at all. Anchoring the dresser to the wall instantly moved to the top of the priority list.


This is what happens when you send your son to put socks away in his drawer unsupervised…

We instituted a new lunch time ritual. After several days of power struggles to convince Caleb to sit still long enough to eat his food, I decided to try reading to him while he ate. It worked beautifully. So now, most days, I either re-tell or read a story to Caleb while he eats. So far, it’s been very effective in reducing the wiggles! We’ve retold several Bible stories, classic fairy tales and read most of the Beatrix Potter books I own just this month. What began as an extra “chore” for me has quickly turned into a delightful ritual. I love when that happens : )

Caleb has developed an adorable alter-ego called “Mr. Wheelbarrow”. We have no idea where his love of being a wheelbarrow came from or when during our day he’ll pop up, but he always makes us smile. Sometimes Caleb latches onto our legs and says, “Mr. Wheelbarrow got you!”. Other times, we may hear a little voice from the backseat that “Mr. Wheelbarrow’s got a raisin!” (his favorite snack to find in his snack cup!).

Mommy also developed a new alter-ego of her own this month called “Mr. Dentist”. Mr. Dentist wears big sunglasses on the end of his nose, talks with a funny accent, and causes Caleb to laugh so hard he can barely breathe. He was actually causing a little too much excitement right before bed so we retired him when we switched up Caleb’s bedtime routine to a new, shorter version.

Another milestone moment came when I heard the words, “I go peepee all myself! Caleb remembers what to do!” coming from the hallway. Of course, they were closely followed by the words, “Caleb needs to wash his hands. Him touched his butt.” But I’m still calling it a win.

Seriously though, potty training continues to go well. Every couple weeks seem to bring more independence and fewer accidents. This month, after a few pointers from his buddy Braydon, Caleb learned how to get himself on and off the toilet without a stool and ditched the small potty seat. No more remodeling the bathroom every time an adult needs to use it. Yay!

I’m amazed at how much change each month continues to bring. One of the most heartwarming changes this month has been seeing him become less competitive towards little Caleb (whom I watch 2 days/week, for those who haven’t “met” him via the blog yet) and more brotherly and loving. I think this photo pretty much sums it up…

IMG_4892I have the best job ever.