I’ve officially given up on writing any summer posts. We were so busy having fun with friends and family, I didn’t even jot down my usual notes as the weeks went by. So if you want to know what we were up to during that time, you’ll have to check the facebook albums that I will post…eventually…

Moving right along, September was definitely an update-worthy month. So many big changes! It reminded me of this past March in a lot of ways. Suddenly, milestones we’d been working on for months materialized before our eyes. Potty training was complete, preschool had begun and we were left wondering when our toddler became a little boy.

Making his "Self Portrait"

Making his “Self Portrait”

Lest that sound too sentimental, let me add that 3 year olds, so far as my 2 months of experience raising one suggests, are 1 part awesome to 1 part stink. I love seeing Caleb’s personality, thoughts and opinions coming alive. I do not love the defiance this age is full of as he seeks to try on new roles and become more independent. I know it’s normal, but that does not make it fun. This is pretty much the response to any suggestion these days: http://crappypictures.com/time-to-go/

Equally awesome and stinky is his discovery of the word “Why?” This is awesome, because he is truly not using it in an attempt to stall or question my every parenting decision or anything like that. He just wants to know why every single atom in the universe is where it is and acts the way it does. And he truly expects me to know. If I don’t, he will save it up to ask Daddy later. So amazing to see his little sponge brain working. So exhausting to try and pour more and more into it.

Why are tomatoes red?

Why are tomatoes red?

Another piece of awesome from this month: He is rocking pretend play. Suddenly he can carry on a conversation for two people with one of his stuffed animals (or diggers, or lego men or trains…). This is especially amazing to me when I consider it was this month last year we had him tested for speech because he still hadn’t reached the “putting two words together” milestone.

Caleb and his buddy "Edwin" going for a bike ride.

Caleb and his buddy “Edwin” going for a bike ride.

He’s also become more conversational with us too. At dinner time, his favorite question to ask is, “What was your favorite part of the day?” I love this evening ritual. It has given me so much insight into what touches his heart. His most frequent response to being asked is, “Going outside!” so I know something was really special if it bumps going outside to the #2 slot!

We’ve also seen his comprehension growing, especially as we read the Bible and seek to explain the Good News at a level Caleb can understand, it’s amazing to me to see the parts that resonate in his heart. This month, he has started asking me, “Mommy, Jesus going to come down and wipe away all our tears?” He asks often and smiles widely when I tell him “Yes, he sure is”.

I may be reading into how much he’s grasping. He’s probably just thinking how great it would be to be able to be rough and tumble without worrying about getting hurt, but when I think about all the horrors that have happened in the world since he’s been alive that I have shielded from his knowledge- The Boston marathon bombing, Sandy Hook, a bomb threat to his own preschool- and yet, when he hears about how Jesus was God and man, who came to earth and died for our sins, rose again and is coming back to wipe all the tears from our eyes- that last part is the promise he remembers.

And of course, I can’t forget to mention that September brought a very special birthday! I’m so thankful for another year with this wonderful man!

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