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2013 Christmas Card
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Our Family’s Top 10 Highlights for 2013

1. Our year began with some big transitions for Caleb. Just when we thought time couldn’t move any faster, he moved to his big boy room and began potty training. He handled the changes well. Mommy may have shed a few tears over how fast her little boy is growing up.

2. In May, we celebrated our 4th anniversary with an overnight campout and local winery tour. Neither of us had ever done a wine tasting before and we enjoyed it immensely! It was a great time of reconnecting and reflecting on how our friendship has grown over the years.

3. In June, we went on our first overnight camp out as a family with several other families from our church. With 9 adults and 15 kids, it was a fun and exhausting weekend. We swam in the lake, rode bikes, made smores and ate watermelon cooled in a stream. No wonder Caleb came away from the weekend loving everything about camping! With his birthday in just a couple weeks, we knew he’d love a “camping party” so we set up our tent in the backyard, put some magnetic fish in the kiddie pool and made a fake fire from sticks and tissue paper. It was simple and everyone had a great time, especially the birthday boy.

4. Caleb also fell in love with “swimming” this summer. Despite the fact that it was one of the coolest Augusts we’ve ever experienced, we made sure to make several trips to the community pool so he could splash around in his puddle jumper until his lips turned blue.

5. Later that same month, Sarah was blessed with the opportunity to celebrate her friend, Sarah Tew’s, 40th birthday at the beach. Three days of celebrating life, walking on the beach, staying up late talking and sleeping in each morning did wonders for refreshing her spirit.

6. In September, Caleb started preschool two mornings a week. He adores his teacher and all the fun things he gets to do at school. He loves memorizing anything- songs, verses, even entire stories from his Bible CD’s. Needless to say, we have to be really careful what we speak about in front of him. Just yesterday I heard him remark to one of his stuffed animals, “It’s been a long day for all of us…” Haha! He’s always listening…

7. In October, David received special recognition at work for his role as a minion. Literally. One of David’s coworkers had the idea to dress their entire team up as minions (and Gru) from Despicable Me for Halloween. They won the costume contest by a landslide.

8. David was able to complete several projects he’s been working on this year. His favorite is one he jokingly refers to as the “easy button” and another that he built to automate many of the repetitive tasks at work. I told him to be careful not to automate himself out of a job 😉

9. Sarah continued to be a caregiver 2 days/week to another little boy (also named Caleb) who is a year younger than our Caleb. It’s been a blessing watching the boys grow closer this year and teach each other new things.

10. The biggest highlight of our year was definitely the time we got to spend with our friends and family. We feel so blessed to be able to give and receive so many visits each year with those we love.