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We spent the first two weeks of the month soaking in time and warmth with family in Florida. It was a wonderful visit as always. Caleb especially loved every minute with his Grandparents, uncles, aunt and cousin. I could put a million pictures in here, but I’ll save it for a facebook album 😉

IMG_1215 IMG_1231 IMG_1403 IMG_1421

And then we came back to this:

IMG_1681 IMG_1684

Beautiful, but oh so cold after having just been in Florida. Fortunately Caleb loves the outdoors, no matter what the temperature. He was however, quite offended by the frigid water coming out of the faucet. “That is too cold, Mommy.”

We’ve started working on a few new independence skills this year. Socks were one of our last hurdles to Caleb getting dressed in the morning on his own. Until suddenly, with no prompting, he picked up a pair last week and said, “I can do my socks all by myself!” And he did. So now, Caleb can dress himself completely except for his shirt. So proud! It definitely makes getting ready for preschool in the morning less hectic for both of us.

Speaking of preschool, Caleb’s class started making “journals”. His teacher gives them each a prompt, writes down their answer and then has them draw a picture to illustrate. This month’s was, “When it’s snowing, I like to _____.” Caleb said, “Go sledding”. When he drew his picture, he drew a circle with 2 blobs on it and informed me it is “Caleb and Daddy on the sled.” This was especially precious to me because I missed getting pictures of the real event due to being stuck inside recovering from a vicious cold. I managed to catch this “after” shot through the window though 🙂


This month at preschool they have really started working on letter recognition. So far they’re up to the letter G, so I decided to put our last name on the wall, under Caleb’s first name (which is what they were working on most of the fall). To my surprise, he was able to tell me all the letters in his last name right away. I’m amazed at how much he’s picked up just from talking and reading together. He then told us he want to “know all the letters” and has been having a great time playing games like this one:


“Find the letter “X”, Caleb.”



It’s fun to put some of my tricks from teaching to use!

I love the imagination and creativity of this age. Caleb is constantly cracking me up with unexpected solutions to my daily dilemmas. Recently, he overheard me saying I’d lost something and reassured me saying, “I can find that for you mommy! I’m a paleontologist!” That’s about what it would take to find some of the things buried around here 🙂

One of my goals for this year is getting back to doing our monthly family update, since I do love to read back over them and remember what Caleb was doing at different ages. We’ll see how dedicated I really am when the weather warms up and we’re free to spend the day outside again. I hope everyone’s 2014 is off to a wonderful start!