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February was the first month since we’ve lived in PA that we’ve had snow on the ground every day from the beginning of the month to the end. We had a blast sledding with neighbors, walking on the frozen lake at our favorite state park and shoveling, shoveling, shoveling…

IMG_1941 IMG_2034 IMG_2147 IMG_2168Needless to say, we also needed some ways to stay busy indoors too. Every once and a while, I torture Caleb by making him do arts and crafts. He loves it for the first 5 minutes so we worked on some handmade Valentines, 5 minutes at a time, for about two weeks. At the end, I had him write the first letter of his name on each card. On card #7, he looked at me and said, “Why do all these people have names that start with C?” After I stopped laughing, I explained to him that he was signing his name πŸ™‚



Another thing I noticed while we were crafting, Caleb surprised me by randomly switching to writing with his right hand after months of practicing left. He seems to do both equally well so I did some reading up on hand dominance. Apparently, while many children show a clear preference by ages 2-3, some kids keep you guessing until Kindergarten or even 1st grade! Who knew? The advice from the occupational therapy world seems to be, let them switch back and forth as long as needed, don’t choose for them, help them get a correct pencil grip on both sides and it will eventually become evident. So that’s what we’re doing.

IMG_1864One day, I was telling David my disappointment that there was some play dough ground into the rug. He reminded me that we’ll already need to replace the carpet before we move (someday, a long time from now πŸ˜‰ so not to worry too much about it. I realized there are a number of perks to having older things when you have small children. Like when a broom stick handle “sword” scratches our leather couch (which we got 2nd hand, pre-cat-scratched) I can shrug it off in a way I couldn’t if we had lovely new ones. Obviously, I still try to teach him the importance of caring for our things, but having a rough and tumble boy, I know wear and tear is unavoidable and I’m glad I can enjoy the ride rather than worry about the carpet πŸ™‚

One of my highlights from this month was a humorous conversation I had with Caleb after coming home from a playdate with one of his buddies where we met his little brother, Jaxom, for the first time:

Me: Do you think you might want a baby brother or sister someday?

C: No, I hate brothers and sisters. (Eeek! Where did the H word come from???)

Me: Aww, that’s sad. Mommy doesn’t have one in her tummy right now, but maybe someday I will.

C: If you grow one in your tummy, I want it to stay there!


C: Can you grow a baby in your belly?

Me: Maybe. It’s up to God. He’s the one who puts babies in bellies.

End of conversation. Apparently Caleb is not pining for a sibling. LOL.

About a week after that conversation though, Caleb told me, right after little Caleb went home, that he would like a little brother or sister who sleeps at his house. They definitely have sibling love going on πŸ™‚

IMG_1650Caleb has pretty much given up napping these days. He still takes a quiet time in his room each day, but rarely goes to sleep. However, on those days when we have somewhere to go in the evening, I tell him, “Caleb, we are going to go someplace fun tonight and you are going to get to stay up late and play with friends, so you need to go to sleep this afternoon.” And he will! Every time! He puts himself right to sleep. I am so thankful he is willing to do this!

IMG_2111Most of David and I’s news this month centers around health and wellness. I started physical therapy again for some pain I’ve been having. 4 weeks later, I’m having less pain, but tons more soreness as I try and get these weak muscles of mine to cooperate. I just keep repeating to myself, “Strength is built over time.” Or at least that’s what they tell me as I sweat to lift my leg 2 inches off the table.

We also invested in a treadmill this month. David found during a work trip last year that he really enjoyed using one so we’re replacing our stationary bike that currently only David uses (because I find readjusting it for my height to be a pain) to a treadmill we can both use. I’m excited!