Reading back over this one was so much fun for me. I can’t believe how much he’s learned this year in preschool!

One of my goals for the summer was helping Caleb learn the number “16”. When he was 2, he learned to count to 20 from a sesame street song, but missed the number 16. Since he was only 2, we were so proud we didn’t think to correct such a minor mistake. However, the missing number still “stuck” 2 years later!

So, while David was on a work trip one week, I asked Caleb if he’d like to surprise Daddy by learning the number 16 while he was gone. To my delight, he thought that was a wonderful idea. I put up this chart and we counted together at almost every meal. By the time David got home, he could do it as long as he was looking at the paper.

Just before Caleb started preschool, we were playing a game, and as Caleb was counting up his cards at the end, he counted to 22…perfectly! No prompting from us at all! I’m so proud of him!

I was also curious where he was at with learning his uppercase letters. We played a few letter games over the summer, but nothing formal or consistent. I did try to focus on the 6 he was having the most trouble with (M/W, K/X, Y/V…usually reversing one for the other). I was so excited to see he has 25/26. I told him he is really close to learning how to read (something he is *extremely* excited to learn how to do).

A random funny from the month:

Caleb: “Have you seen Doug?”
Me: “Who is Doug?”
C: “My little red helicopter.”
Me: (pointing to it) “Why did you name him Doug?”
C: Actually Harold (his other helicopter) named him since he was once in his belly.”

Well, that explains things, now doesn’t it? 😀

We also took our first big family vacation to Acadia National Park in Maine. It was an absolutely incredible experience I could write a book about! Caleb was at the perfect age to appreciate the beauty of the place. He loved that we camped for 6 days, the lobster boat ride where we saw seals and bald eagles and hopping, billy goat style, all over the top of Cadillac Mountain. His favorite part though? The island has a free bus system and he loooved riding it. He asks every single time we go camping now if there is a bus. LOL.

IMG_5288 IMG_5289