First Day of K4:
IMG_5629On Caleb’s first day of school, he asked me who will be his teacher when he turns 5. He’s been so excited about starting preschool again, I was almost nervous to tell him:

Me:”Well, I think it’s going to be me.”
C: “You?!?!”
Me: “Yeah, I think you’re going to be homeschooled like the B family. Does that sound nice?”
C: “Homeschooled?!? I’m so excited! This year it’s Mrs. F’s turn to teach me, and next year it will be your turn Mommy!”

So, I guess he’s excited about homeschooling too. Hooray!

We also went on another camping trip, this time, much closer to home in Cunningham Falls, Maryland. It was a fun weekend trip with great friends.

IMG_6190 IMG_6239And last, but certainly NOT least, Granny came for a visit!