I only wrote down two little anecdotes from the month:

Caleb has an imaginary friend now. Or perhaps I should say friends. He calls them “the kids”. As in “I was just telling the kids about…” or “The kids want to…”, etc. It’s really cute. Sometimes they reflect his wants, but more often he acts as their teacher or parent. Such a cool developmental milestone!

(“The kids” continue to make appearances from time to time, but have never become daily companions. So adorable when they show up though!)

Caleb and a little friend were in the back seat when his friend said,

Friend: “It looks kind of purple outside.”
C: “It’s not really purple. That’s humidity. That means there’s teeny tiny water drops in the air. But they aren’t going to fall until we take the clothes of the line and put them in our house.”

It cracks me up the words he picks up on and registers in his mind!

Other than that, my folder full of photos tells me October was a busy month with visits from Nana and Papa and our friends the Merolas, not to mention pumpkin patching and Halloween: