Several people asked me to share my thoughts on my experience with Stitch Fix, and given the number of blogs I read before I took the plunge, I want mine to be as helpful and honest as possible.

Let me start by explaining why I decided to try Stitch Fix in the first place:

1. I really really don’t like shopping for clothes. I never have. I find the amount of choice in each store overwhelming, get frustrated when I spend 1-2 hours of my time picking out and trying things on with nothing seeming “right” and often buy something I don’t love because it looks “okay” and is an okay price which later sits in my closet, making me feel guilty.

2. My most heavily used clothes have gotten old. Until a recent purge I still had long sleeve shirts my mom bought for me in highschool. That I was actively wearing. In public. This relates to #1. A good percentage of my fall/winter/spring wardrobe has pilled, shrunk, stretched, stained or otherwise showing signs of being worn repeatedly 3/4’s of the year for between several years to a decade-ish.

So when I heard the idea of Stitch Fix- someone with actual fashion sense would listen to my preferences, pick out a manageable number of options, deliver them to my door for me to try on with clothes I already own and give me 3 days to decide if I really like them…it sounded too good to be true! Until I heard about the price.

Hands down, concern about the price held me back the most. Stitch Fix is unmistakably more expensive than shopping the Target clearance rack, even when you request to be sent their most inexpensive options. I talked to my husband who is even more frugal than I am about my concerns. I expected him to quickly talk me out of it. Instead, he completely surprised me by thinking it was a great idea. We’ve both become convinced that buying quality things we won’t have to replace as frequently is a good investment and he loved that Stitch Fix would keep me from being tempted to “settle” and bring home things I didn’t love because I had already invested so much time into a shopping trip that I didn’t want to have to repeat.

Shortly after my birthday, I filled out my “Style Profile” which was surprisingly thorough and created a pinterest board, which I’d read is key for getting a great Fix. Although most months I would prefer jeans and blouses that work with my hip career as a homeschooling mom, I had a special request for my first fix. This September, David’s middle brother is getting married in a casual beach wedding and I hoped my stylist could help me find a dress for the occasion.

So without further ado, the results:

First, the dresses:

Kensie Carver Dress: $78

IMG_2740First of all, let me say that I’m pretty sure this is the highest quality dress I have ever tried on. The fabric looks heavy, but it’s light while still having structure and breathes beautifully. The zipper moved like butter and the fit was lovely. My stylist included this as a more formal option for the wedding if I didn’t like her first choice. While I love this dress, neither my husband or I thought the deep black against my skin and hair was the most flattering and, other than church (and only in the summer) I have no idea when I would wear it. It just didn’t have enough versatility for the price. Verdict: Returned (with a little sadness)

Gilli Kadence Cowl Drape Front Dress: $64

IMG_2715This was my stylists first choice dress and I completely agree. It’s both casual and elegant, is a light jersey knit that’s perfect for the beach and is much more flattering on my body that the pre-baby dress I was going to try and wear instead. Not to mention works beautifully with the wedding colors. Home Run. Verdict: Kept

 Then the rest of the Fix:

Skies are Blue Kaia Crochet Trim Top: $54

IMG_2717Original Response: Initially, when I picked this up, I thought it would be huge on me. I ended up loving the drapy, skimming fabric. If I hadn’t liked anything else in the box, this absolutely would have been the item I put the styling fee towards. As it is though, I can’t justify $50+ on an item of clothing I’ll only wear 3 months of the year here. Verdict: Returned

Update: After I wrote this post, I sent it to my mom and a couple friends to see if they agreed with my conclusions. They all agreed on 4/5 and all said, “Please don’t send the crochet top back!!!” After trying it on with several other bottoms, I asked David his thoughts. He also voted to keep it. I’m still not sure I would have if it hadn’t been my “birthday” fix, but as it is I’m wearing it today and loving it! It will be well loved in the summer season and earns a spot in my bag for all of our Florida family visits. Verdict: Kept

Market and Spruce Evella Boatneck Top: $64

IMG_2724Again my stylist totally took to heart my desire to have more shirts that skim my tummy instead of cling to it and again the fabric of this shirt was some of the highest quality I have ever tried on. Unfortunately the color did nothing for me and I already own a similar piece I like much better. Verdict: Returned

For those interested, this is the sweater I already own. Not as high quality, but a better color for me and it was $8 off the Kohls clearance rack:

IMG_2737Pixley Martina Slub Knit Open Cardigan: $48

IMG_2732I really liked this peice and thought it was a very fair price. Unfortunately (there’s that word again…) it is also a virtual twin to something I already own. Although I like this one slightly better than the one I have, I definitely can’t justify replacing it. Verdict: Returned

The twin:

IMG_2735Even though I only ended up keeping two pieces in this fix, I will 100% request to have the same stylist again. I could really tell she read my notes and looked over my pinterest board carefully. The necklines were all high like I requested, while still being interesting, she didn’t send me any crazy patterns or edgy styles, but stayed in the “modern classic” vein that I prefer. I’m looking forward to my next fix and am thankful to have something so beautiful and comfortable to wear to the wedding next month!

If this post inspires you to try Stitch Fix, please consider using my referral link when you sign up: