Despite now being a full 2 years into secondary infertility, Caleb’s birthday didn’t bring me any sadness this year. There are some days the hugs are a little longer, the handholds a little sweeter, there’s always time for just one more story and the constant stream of chatter from the back seat just reminds me that, by God’s grace, over 5 years ago, two little lines grew into 9 healthy months, which I’ve gotten to enjoy through 5 years of healthy life. So. Incredibly. Blessed.

IMG_1995 IMG_2072 IMG_2084This year, Nya Nya (David’s Mom) got to join us for Caleb’s birthday party. We had so much fun making memories together. She got to see Caleb graduate from his swim class, go on a hike with us at our favorite park, go glow-light minigolfing and see many of Caleb’s famous “concerts” we are often treated to πŸ™‚

IMG_0711 IMG_0766 IMG_2167The first day of homeschooling snuck up on me. After his first swimming lesson, Caleb pulled down his BOB books and asked to do a reading lesson. We covered 2 lessons in the 100 easy lessons book, he read me 2 bob books and then he did 2 handwriting pages! I guess we’re “official” now πŸ˜› I’ll still take a cute first day photo in the fall when we start doing this more regularly.

And of course our days are still full of learning of the much less formal variety- building spaceships from cardboard boxes or the occasional field trip (this one was to the national aquarium in Baltimore).

IMG_1913 IMG_1914 IMG_1663 IMG_1711Less than one month in, but I’m loving having a big 5 year old!