2015 Christmas Card


Dear Family and Friends,

We spent the first month of 2015 getting to know our local orthopedist. On Christmas Eve, poor Caleb slipped and fell on our tile floor. He seemed to be favoring his left arm, but insisted he was fine and crawled right into bed. After watching him unwrap all of his gifts one-handed the next morning (still insisting he felt fine), David and I exchanged meaningful looks and I slipped off to call the pediatrician. While I was on the phone, Caleb was finally willing to confess that his arm was hurting him. We took him to the ER, still in his Christmas jammies, where an x-ray confirmed he’d broken his collar bone. When we told a dear family friend the story he said, “He’ll make a good Navy Seal someday. He’ll ignore broken bones to complete the mission…even if the mission is opening presents.” J After 6 weeks in a sling he was all clear to be his usual rough and tumble self again.

This year also brought two interesting travel assignments for David. His team was requested to lend support on bases in Cuba and Hawaii. Needless to say it was a tropical year that brought many new experiences. In Cuba, we had the least contact we’ve ever had on a trip before. Even on base, telecommunications are extremely limited. This trip was more than made up for a few months later though, when we were all able to go to Hawaii together. We explored beaches, hiked up to a waterfall, saw sea turtles playing in the surf, went to a luau, took Caleb on a submarine ride and remembered those who gave their lives at Pearl Harbor. It was an unforgettable experience.

In the fall, Sarah began homeschooling Caleb. While he’s doing very well reading 3-4 letter words, his favorite subject is definitely math and he begs to do “just one more page” almost every day. We’ve also really enjoyed being part of an extra-curricular co-op where we meet with other homeschooling families to do PE, art, music and science experiments together. We also got to go on field trips to an apple orchard and pumpkin patch and learn many new things about agriculture and pollination- the perks of living in farm country Pennsylvania!

Shortly after school started, we took a week long break to head down to FL to celebrate the marriage of David’s middle brother, Josh, and our wonderful new sister in law, Brianna. Caleb was one of their ring bearers, along with his cousin. It was a precious time with family. On the way back, however, Sarah started feeling a bit sick. After a few days of being unable to shake the queasy feeling, we found out that we are expecting Baby #2! This was miraculous news as Sarah had just been diagnosed the month prior with two different conditions that helped us understand why we’ve been unable to have more children. As the psalmist said, “This is the LORD’S doing; It is marvelous in our eyes.” We know each day with our children is a gift from him and we’ve made it our goal to celebrate each day. We hope to welcome this little one home sometime around June 1st, 2016. Caleb is excited to have a sibling and is eager to feel the baby move. He’s already been able to see him/her on ultrasound and hear the little heart beating. He would really like it to be a baby brother.

As thankful as we are for this baby, our hearts are full of rejoicing for the baby we didn’t have to wait for. The one who came 2000 years ago to seek and to save the lost, whose love endures forever, and whose mercies are new every day. From our family to yours, Merry Christmas and a joyful new year!

With Love, The Gainey Family


The evening I sent out the first batch of our Christmas letters, Caleb and I were rear ended. We were both fine (as was the car) but it was a hard wait to check on little one the next day. Our precious bean seems to be doing just fine. Wiggling around, heart beating away at 145 beats per minute. We rejoice in the Lord’s mercy, not only in bringing him or her into our lives, but sustaining it each day.


16 weeks