As I’m sure everyone can relate to, December was a blur of busy wonderfulness. I was so thankful to be in the 2nd trimester and have energy to be a part of it all (with some naps…haha). We decorated the tree, read the story of Jesus’ birth as we set up the nativity, went caroling, made ornaments, read books and drank hot cocoa.


Date Night- Handel's Messiah

Date Night- Handel’s Messiah

On top of the usual festivities, David had to leave town for a work trip, during which time I was rear-ended at a stop light. I was able to stay fairly calm at the scene because I was focused on reassuring the driver who had hit us that I was ok and I knew God had a plan for this baby, and, no matter what, it was ok. On the phone with the OB 30 minutes later everything caught up to me and tears fell down my face. Caleb was still in the car with me at that point and just kept telling me, “I love you mommy.” He prayed that night that God would heal our baby. We were so grateful the next day to hear our little one’s heart beat and know all was well.


After we realized she was ok, I was hoping to get a sneak peek of gender since she was 15 weeks along. No such luck. She kept her little bottom toward me the entire time. The OB tried to get a measurement for me, but “She’s moving too much.” Haha. That’s how we make them- wigglers 😉

Ironically, even before the accident, we had been planning to replace my car. I was still driving my first car, and with 220K miles on it, it had minor issues on the last 2 trips to FL and we were ready for something a little more reliable. It was hard saying good bye to the car that took me to my first job, was our wedding get away car (despite having a missing mirror at the time, lol), brought our son home from the hospital and drove us back and forth on the 1000 mile trip to FL innumerable times, but it was time. It’s now blessing a young man who is working his way through college, just as the finances for it were given to me by an elderly neighbor who I miss dearly. I love my new mom-mobile and am so thankful for it, but I’ll never forget my first car <3.

Best picture I could find of it without extensive searching. Note the missing mirror- bless it's heart. Memories <3

Best picture I could find of it without extensive searching. Note the missing mirror- bless it’s heart. Memories ❤


First camping trip! Needless to say, I don’t think we’d have room to camp with a 2nd child in the back seat 😉


Trunk space was getting a bit tight too 🙂


Suburu Outback- station wagon meets small SUV. Great gas mileage, tons of truck space and ample legroom for a little boy who is going to be a big boy long before his mommy is ready!

Other random anecdotes from our month:

Caleb: “Wouldn’t it be great if we had a slide going down the to basement and a ladder coming up?!?
Me: “It would be fun, but a lot harder to do laundry, don’t you think?”
Caleb: “Yeah, it would be better if we were like sailors and got to sleep in our clothes. Then we wouldn’t have any laundry!”


I served tortellini for dinner one night. Apparently it had been a while. Caleb acted like they were the most incredible thing he’d ever seen and kept asking me, “Have you *ever* had these before?!?! They are like cheese *magnets*! The cheese just sticks to them and doesn’t fall off!” Hahahaha. Guess I have a new busy night meal 😀

At the very end of the month, although we still weren’t feeling kicks on the outside yet (though I was starting to feel flutters on the inside pretty reliably by 17 weeks), little girl curled herself into a tight ball in my lower abdomen and Caleb was able to feel her. As he told his Daddy, “I just touched the baby! First, I touched one side of mommy’s tummy- all squishy, no baby! Then I touched the other side- hard and lumpy- baby!”

He's slightly obsessed with the belly ;) Loving it!

He’s slightly obsessed with the belly 😉 Loving it! (17 weeks)