Already a short month, our February flew by. The first week, I hosted a freezer meal prep party with a few friends. I created a facebook group, posted a link to the recipes, everyone brought their ingredients and I provided some snacks. We all snacked, visited and prepped freezer-to-crockpot meals for about 3 hours. David sweetly washed up cutting boards in between recipes so we could all get done even faster. It was so much fun and I would love to do it again!

After that, David had a 2 week trip for work in the center of the month. Caleb and I spent the first week here staying in our normal routine of homeschooling and co-op.


It’s probably silly, but one of the things I was most worried about when it came to homeschooling was Caleb missing out on moments like this. Love that we still get to celebrate Valentines with his Co-op “class”.


This year is North American artists at Co-Op. This is 5 year old Jackson Pollock 😀

The next week, we packed up his books and headed across the state to visit friends in NJ. They made our visit so special and fun. It felt like the shortest 2 week trip ever!


Movie Night!


First time on a hockey rink. He loooved it!

When we got back, we savored our first weekend together as a family by tackling Baby sister’s room together! I finally threw out many of the things that had been to painful for me to clean out during our infertility years (almost used up tube of Desitin anyone?), cleaned out things of Caleb’s that had migrated in there, and began washing up baby laundry. Caleb took one look at the first load and said, “Mommy, why are all her clothes pink?” Hahahaha.

A generous gift from our NJ friends- all the NB-3 month clothes we could need!

A generous gift from our NJ friends- all the NB-3 month clothes we could need!

Caleb started swimming lessons, which was a fun addition to our homeschool routine and gave him some much needed exercise during the last of the chilly months.

February was my last month in the 2nd trimester and I finished it off by passing my gestational diabetes test- a little too well, in fact, as my blood sugar ended up dipping too low rather than too high- something I’ve had to be careful about this pregnancy. Thankfully though, I squeaked by as “not anemic” this time around and overall felt better than in my first pregnancy. So thankful for the Lord’s mercies!