Knowing how busy March was going to be, my goal was to have our schedule gradually wind down during the month of April, with only the essentials going on in May. All in all, I’d say it worked out pretty well.

Caleb finished his last swim lessons early in the month. We were so proud of him conquering his fear of jumping in! David got to come to his final class and Caleb proudly demonstrated jumping into the 11ft. side over and over again. I didn’t take any pictures, just savored the moment.

We also used “extra” time this month to wrap up the final items left on our “before baby” to-do list. After the nausea cleared up, I wrote a list detailing what I’d like to get done month-by-month. I can’t believe how prepared we are for this baby. This month, I put away freezer meals, scrubbed up baby equipment, washed more baby laundry, cleaned out the upstairs and deep freezers, and packed our hospital bag.

A sweet friend gave me her pre-consignment-sale shopping pass and I was able to get a great deal on clothes we’ll need for little girl’s first year. Seeing all those little outfits made her seem so real! Another friend gave us her infant car seat since ours had expired. When Caleb saw it, he exclaimed, “Oh my! I’ve been hoping to see that soon! I know who that is for. Little sister!” Other than purchasing a few items we still need- we’re ready…and 100% more prepared than we were for Caleb’s arrival, haha.

After all that work, we decided to cancel dinner one night and go to Red Robin for kids night (one of Caleb’s favorite things). As we sat there, it hit me that this is probably one of our last outtings as a family of 3. That is still so surreal to me.

This was also the month the bump started growing at an impressive rate:


32 Weeks

33 Weeks

33 Weeks

34 Weeks

34 Weeks

36 Weeks

35 Weeks

By the end of the month, David looked over one night and said,

“Your side of the bed looks like one of Caleb’s pillow forts.”


Despite a few aches and pains though, I am feeling so good. It’s been such a blessing to be able to savor and enjoy this time. Even when I’m having trouble sleeping, I just feel so at peace, like I could lie there all night just feeling her little movements and being amazed that this is all happening. I’m sure it helps that the second time around, my expectations for sleep in the 3rd trimester and much more realistic 🙂

Caleb has also been key to making the time fly for me. He’s always loved history, but this month he took a particular interest in the American Revolution/Early American History time periods:

C: “Do you know what a peace treaty is?”
Me: “Tell me about it.”
C: “It’s where both sides promise not to fight anymore. What do you think would happen if only one side signed it?”
Me: “It doesn’t seem like that would work.”
C: “Right, because if only one side signed, it would be like they retreated!”

C: “Do you know what peace treaty ended the 7 years war?”
Me: “No, tell me.”
C: “The Treaty of Paris!”

I had to google that to double check him. Keeping up with this kid, mentally and physically, is a full time job…and I love it so much ❤

Of course, he’s also devoting plenty of brain space to building lego starwars fighters and defending the galaxy 😀


Caleb loves making up Star Wars stories and telling them to his baby sister ❤

Flying a ship with his BFF. Behind the blanket is the "cargo hold". They built it all themselves <3

Flying a ship with his BFF. Behind the blanket is the “cargo hold”. They built it all themselves ❤