Today was my first day trying out being a mom of 2 all by myself. I thought no matter how it went, it might be fun to record everything we did today for posterity. The day did not disappoint šŸ™‚ I love these two sooo much and things went even better than I could have expected.

My day began super early- around 3am to be exact. I got to snuggle my gassy girl until 6am when she fell asleep and I crawled back into bed. At 8:30, we were both up for the day and that’s when I started recording the fun:

Feed, change and dress Ember for the day
Personally inspect several dozen “really cool” lego pieces Caleb brought for my approval during the feeding šŸ™‚
Start a load of laundry
Feed myself a taco at 10am and call it brunch

Shower and dress myself
Print a simple back yard scavenger hunt for Caleb as part of my, “It’s ok to like things besides legos” mission.
Swap laundry, start another load
Load 98% of dishes into dishwasher
Feed Caleb lunch
Feed/Change Ember
Slip her into the ring sling and cross my fingers

Success! Baby asleep in sling!!!
Take diapers off the clothes line
Set Caleb loose with the scavenger hunt, which he loves. Explain there’s really no such thing as “winning” a scavenger hunt šŸ˜›
Play hot/cold with camouflage easter eggs
Chat with the neighbor while our boys play together
Come inside just before it rains


Happy sling baby


Happy Big Boy

Rest for Caleb
Lunch for me
Finally remember to dump ingredients into crock pot an hour later than intended- better late than never?
Feed/Change Ember
Walk her around due to fussies/gas
Put her to sleep on my chest
Pass her to David when he gets home and collapse in bed for a nap

Best of all, I managed to catch poo, as it arrived mid diaper change- not once, not twice, but thrice. Second time mom reflexes for the win! šŸ˜‰