It’s been a whole month, but I still can’t believe this precious girl is part of our family. Despite the 31 days of middle of the night feedings, burping, changing, soothing, rocking…there’s still a part of me that expects one of my friends to walk in and say, “Thanks for babysitting!” and whisk her away. I’m so incredibly thankful for the opportunity to be her mother. A few of my favorite things, in no particular order:

-Her faces. I love, love, love all her expressions. The super concerned look she got during her first bath. Her smiles, gassy and otherwise. Her big wide, surprised face. Her grumpy grunt face. Her gurgly bubble blowing face. I really have to restrain myself on the photo posting ya’ll.


Surprised face


Grumpy face


Smiles with big brother ❤


Concerned face

-Her snuggles. We call her our little kitten. From her 2nd week on, she has scooted herself to her favorite position when we lay her on our chests- bottom in the air, head tucked firmly under our chins. She will also wiggle herself to side-lying position if we have her upright in burp position and she decides she’s all done with that. When she finds just the right spot, she winds her arm around ours and pulls close. It’s the most precious feeling in the world.

-Her noises. She makes the biggest range of noises of any baby I’ve met- squeaks, purrs, grunts- we feel like she’s always talking to us.

-The way she’s waking up to the world. In the past two weeks she’s started leaning waaay back when we hold her so she can study our faces and, occasionally, give us one of those fleeting smiles we’re starting to see. Sure, there are challenges to the wakefulness- she’s no longer quite as easy and content as she used to be, but the rewards are so worth it.


-The way she’s reminded me what an incredible man I married. David is an incredibly involved husband and father all the time, but in the newborn period, he steps it up to a whole different level. Our current routine goes something like this- I give Ember one last feeding and crawl into bed, while David stays up and soothes her to sleep so I can get a nap before I start the night shift. I do night wakings/feedings (usually 2 of them) until around 6 when he gets up to get ready for work. If little girl wakes during that time, I feed her and hand her to David to be soothed to sleep so I can get a smidge more rest. He leaves for work and I start my day with the kids. He gets home, and almost immediately takes over with the kids so I can have a break and (on a good day) prep dinner, then we share kid duties until I go to bed and they cycle begins all over again. See where he’s working a full time job and then coming home and giving me a break from my full time job? So. incredibly. blessed.


-How much easier it is to be a second time mom. Night and Day. Sure, I’ve yet to take 2 kids *anywhere* by myself yet, but the day to day, at home part of mothering? So much easier. Night wakings are easier, loss of personal time is easier, soothing crying is easier, guessing what is causing the crying is easier, feeding is easier…really other than needing mental energy to answer the 5,000 questions the average 6 year old asks each day, I’m not sure there’s a part of this that isn’t easier. My advice- have your second child first 😉