July was full of ups and downs as I continued to struggle to recover from Ember’s birth. I won’t go into the medical details, but there were lots of little things that let me know something just wasn’t right. They (correctly) suspected I had a lingering infection, so had a small procedure and some more antibiotics and have felt much better since, but it definitely felt like the recovery that would never end for a while there…

I am so humbled and grateful by all the ways God provided for us during those hard weeks. Friends brought meals- not just for the first two weeks when our official meal-train was scheduled, but for the next 3 weeks after, calls kept coming in offering to bring us a dish. Then David was scheduled to go on a work trip (which was thankfully canceled) and a friend heard he was going and contacted me to say she’d like to stay half the week with me. Then on my first week back to having the kids all on my own, another good friend called out of the blue to ask if Caleb would like to come over and play for a few hours one afternoon.

As I wrote in my journal:

My little faithless heart was so worried how I would cope without my mom here, and while I still want her well and able to come with all my heart, I am teary when I see how God provided for us through our church family, friends and neighbors- not just sufficiently, but abundantly.

Part of that provision was a wonderful visit from David’s next youngest brother, his wife and their son. Not only did we have a great time visiting and making memories, by the end of it, I was ready to ask Amy to move in! She was a total baby whisperer during Ember’s fussy times. They were all such a blessing to us and Caleb and Zachary had so much fun together, Caleb told me afterward, “But Mommy, I don’t know how to play alone anymore!” ❤


Baby whisperer!


Cousins and best friends ❤


Family ❤

July 11th was our first day doing a mini-homeschool time post baby. We updated the calendar, Caleb read a book to me (Runaway Bunny, his current favorite, paired with lots of mommy snuggles), then I read him one about the history of the White House, then I taught a math lesson and he practiced some problems, then practiced writing numbers after mommy noticed some were facing backwards after 6 weeks off. I don’t know who was happier to have our routine back- me or him 😀

July was also the first time I took both kids out by myself. Most adorable moment from our first outing:

I let Caleb run ahead to the playground while I got Ember out of the car. By the time I caught up to him, he’d already made 2 little friends, to whom he declared, “There’s my new baby sister!” in the most proud voice I’ve ever heard. They came rushing over and asked, “Can we see the new sister?” Adorable!


Ember is happy to sleep anywhere 😀


Caleb was happy to be out of the house!

The end of the month brought my 30th birthday. I knew it would be a wonderful one, despite the health challenges and sleep deprivation, just having my little girl in my arms when last July I was in the process of being tested for a host of fertility related disorders. David made sure it was made even more wonderful though by planning a special girls night at home for me with 3 close friends. We ate brownie sundaes and Married Mr. Darcy (in a card game) while he walked and rocked Ember since it was during her fussy time of day. I could not be more in love with that man…


 And of course, July 4th, Ember turned one month old!
IMG_6895There aren’t words to describe how much I love this precious girl…