After the recovery that wouldn’t end, this was the month that I feel like I really really started getting to enjoy Ember. Not that I didn’t before, of course, but you can imagine that feeding every 2-3 hours around the clock while having an infection and trying to still be somewhat functional for your 6 year old is not the easiest time to savor the moment.

A photo from one of my roughest days. Pasty skin, dark circles and a smile that's not quite making it to my eyes. So thankful for healing <3

A photo from one of my roughest days. Pasty skin, dark circles and a smile that’s not quite making it to my eyes. So thankful for healing ❤


August brought healing for me, longer stretches of sleep for her and the ability to just rock her, snuggle her, smell her hair, admire her toes and feel grateful. I started feeling more confident going out and about with them both, although I still choose to do errands in the evening or on weekends until she can sit up on her own in the grocery cart or until David’s first work trip when I don’t have a choice, whichever comes first, haha.

Speaking of work trips…David was supposed to have a 2 week trip this month, which was thankfully shortened to 3 days! On top of that, my parents were able to come up during that time!!! We were all over the moon to finally be together. Seeing them meet Ember for the first time was so precious and my Dad and Caleb seemed to have an extra strong bond this time.

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After my parents went home it was time for school to begin! It really snuck up on me, but thankfully I’d done most of my curriculum prep this past spring in anticipation of the crazy newborn days. We’re using My Father’s World curriculum for the first time this year and I am loving it. It has simplified my prep time, has a good scope and sequence and incorporates learning about the Bible and memorizing scripture without being cheesy.


First day of school ❤

We also had a special visit from Josh and Brianna this month. I loved getting to see them meet Ember for the first time. The visit got even more exciting when they told us our kiddos will have another cousin in March! So excited for them and for Ember to have a cousin almost her age like Caleb has been blessed to have!


And of course we can’t forget Caleb’s big news…


Last, but not least, my favorite story from this month:

While trying to explain a line from Farmer Boy about being “old enough to know better” I told Caleb,
“It’s like how little sister sometimes kicks you right now. She can’t control where her feet or legs move, so is she old enough to know better?”
C: “No.”
Me: “Right, but if she kicked you while she was a big 6 year old, would I punish her?”
C: “Well…I would take her punishment! Just like God took ours.”

He said it so sincerely my eyes filled with tears. He loves his little sister something fierce and apparently, he really is listening during Bible time ❤