Ember started off the month with her 3 month growth spurt. She ate,slept and pooped at a prodigious rate and by the time it was over, I’m pretty sure she had at least one more roll on her thighs than she started with. Thankfully, her feasting was limited to the day time hours. Actually, for about 2 weeks, she was sleeping through the night, which I’m quite thankful for because shortly after that…

We went through the 4 month sleep regression, which both my children have gone through at 3 months. They’re advanced sleep regressers 😉 Basically, it’s the time babies develop more adult like sleep cycles, and where we would roll over and go back to sleep, the poor things have no clue what to do as they wake every 45 minutes day and night. Thankfully, some very very gentle sleep training seemed to help Ember a lot (or we just got really lucky and she would have started sleeping better again anyway) and she’s back to 1-2 night wakings for food. Naps are still a challenge, but I expect those to improve as she gets older and more mobile.


We continue to be amazed at how many opinions our tiny girl has and how adept she is at communicating them. If you hold her while she wants to play, sit with her when she wants you to stand (or vise versa) or try to feed her on the couch when she wants to be rocked in the rocker…she will let you know about it! She doesn’t always get her way, but she always lets us know when she isn’t haha.

Caleb has fallen in love with the Boxcar Children this month and even built an entire scene from the book with his legos. I absolutely love his creativity and imagination.


Lego Boxcar Children!

He also started playing soccer with the local school we’re zoned for. He absolutely loved it and can’t wait to play again in the spring!


September was also a busy month because we took our first trip as a family of 4. The first part of our long weekend was a joyous occasion- the baptism of our friend’s 3 children.


The second half was an emotional visit with other dear friends, as Drew dealt with the final stages of terminal cancer. It ended up being our last visit with him and David and I will hold the conversations we were able to have that weekend in our hearts for the rest of our lives.


Early morning story time


A picture from a visit a few years earlier.

At the end of the month, we were blessed to receive a wonderful visit from more of our amazing family. God sent them at just the right time because I also came down with a wicked case of mastitis at the same time and we really needed the help. They brought us food, took Caleb to soccer games and drove me to the walk in clinic until we figured out the medicine I needed to get better. We were able to have a little fun before then- a family field trip to the Udvar Hazy center! Caleb absolutely loved it and kept our guide busy with questions!